The Experience



Get ready to experience photography as you never have before! As a client of Jenn Stevenson Photography, you will experience the luxury of incredible service, sophisticated styling and a superb finished product. I am here to guide you through the experience that begins as I help you design your dream session starting with location and what to wear.

On the day of your session we will take our time and enjoy ourselves. My ultimate goal is for you to have a wonderful time while we have fun together! But the best part is what happens after the session. It is time to actually  see what I've captures and create art with it!

About three weeks after your portrait session,  the experience continues with my Session Premier in the comfort of your own home. And, if that doesn't sound amazing enough, you will receive exclusive pricing only during the ordering session.

The evening begins as we sit down together eating decadent dessert while watching the debut of your custom slideshow and look through an array of product samples. Don't worry, I'm there to guide you through the entire experience. You will have me as your personal in-home portrait art designer. The Session Premier is truly a luxury experience that I have designed for you!