Baby "H" Lifesyle Newborn Session - {Media, PA}

Oh my heavens, how I fell in love with baby Henry and his family.  Such a sweet little peanut that I could have cuddled all day long.  I could have chatted with his mommy all day too.  =)  The entire morning was magical and I even got a smile from baby Henry and I'm not sure who was more excited, me or his mom.    The thing about the smile shot (see below) was that it was un-posed!   Mom just happened to lay the baby down in the most graceful way and when I saw her hands and his little face, I just said freeze that right there.   oh my it.     

First Birthday Cake Smash - {Philadelphia, PA}

When I did away with my studio, I wondered if a cake smash session would ever be the same but I have to say...this was WAY better than a studio.    I'm pretty sure from this little man's face that he would agree that having his session outside was everything.  I mean, fresh air and shoving your face with cake, what's not to love?   I wish I could do that right about now.  =)

Happy First Birthday to this little man!  

Maternity Session - {Malvern, PA}

What an amazing night with this I fell in love with them and could have just chatted all night with this pretty momma to be!    They were just perfection during their session and I could have bottled up their love and excitement for their little baby boy's arrival.   

With a location change the last week before shooting, Malvern ended up being the perfect spot for this maternity shoot.   And can we talk about the heat?  This mom was a trooper because the heat was no joke this night.   Thankfully it wasn't one of those 100 degree days we have been having around here but it sure did feel like it.   Heat wave or not, I had an amazing time and they were everything.  

Maternity Session - {Philadelphia, PA}

Nothing like shooting a maternity session for yourself.  But, if there was one thing I was going to do with this pregnancy that I didn't do while I was pregnant with my daughter, it was a maternity session to capture this special time.  With my daughter, I honestly wasn't into my belly so I have very few images that capture that pregnancy.  This time around, I realize how much I love everything about this special bond with my belly.   I was determine to have one image to look back on years to come.   

I ordered a custom maternity dress in the hopes to have a winter session, but when the dress arrived the weather was getting warmer and I was getting bigger so I gave up on that.  At 34 weeks, which is later than I would tell any of my clients to do the shoot, I dragged my husband out as my shooter and we got some images.  When I woke up at 35 weeks the following weekend, I looked outside and it was snowing!!!  There might have only been an inch of snow but I didn't care - it was snow!  I woke up the hubs and said we had to do a re-shoot so off we went.  

With lots of orders from me shouting "stand here", "move over", "do this" and then switching spots and me saying "click, click, click" and more instructions, I got not only one image from my shoots, but a handful of images that I will look back on at this basketball belly and just be so thankful for everything.  So to anyone debating a maternity session for themselves, I highly recommend it even if you don't feel your best.   I promise you that you will be so thankful years down the road and you will see how much you were glowing during this special time.  

If you have made it through my long ramble of my maternity session, here's a little information on my maternity leave which starts today!   I won't be answering or checking my emails all that frequently but I do plan to try my best to answer them when I can.   If you are thinking about a session this spring, summer or even fall, please leave me a detailed email at on dates you are interested and what type of session you want and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

If you want to see baby spam, follow me on my instagram @jennstevensonphotography and I promise I will be posting lots of images during my leave.  =) 

Looking forward to shooting this summer and to those warm summer nights!  






"N" Family Session - {Philadelphia, Pa}

After a handful of reschedules (thanks to the weather and a day of sick little ones) we finally got to meet up in Philly for their session and it was beyond perfect.  The sun was shining, we didn't freeze and the kids were SO excited and happy for their session.     

Back when mom and I were planning out their session, it was really important to her that we capture their old home (the city) in some way so what better way to do that than shooting at the Philadelphia Art Museum!  I love when client's have a vision and we work together to bring everything to life.  Creating a session can be as much fun as the actual session and it is safe to say that these boys had a really fun time in what we created for them.  I definitely got my exercise with the boys and those famous steps.  =)

Fall Mini Sessions - {Valley Forge National Park, Pa}

Now that the holidays are over, which I'm still in shock about (and I might still have my Christmas decor up), I can finally blog my fall minis without spoiling  any Christmas cards.  Yay!  I have to thank all my families that came out this year and be amazing as always.    

I got to meet new faces this year as well as see some old faces and it is just a joy to be around everyone.  One of the best things about my job is getting to see some of these kids grow up each year.  They sure do melt my heart and their parents are pretty awesome too.  =) 

A few of my favorites...

Baby "K" Lifestyle Newborn Session - {Malvern, PA}

I had the pleasure of meeting 12 day old Kennedy for her lifestyle newborn session in her Malvern home, and it was a perfect morning.    She was as cute as a button and the sweetest, most calm newborn ever but I knew it wouldn't be any other way because her big sister, Emma, has the same personality.   =)  

It was a very relaxed and calm session back on this October morning.  Emma was my little helper, telling me all about her new baby sister and providing background music by singing her favorite Disney songs.  I love a good Disney song especially when a little girl like Emma is singing it.  

This new family of 4 is just amazing and being able to be a part of and capture this special time in their lives is just incredible.  And like all my newborn sessions, I cherish each session with my families.   

"S" Family Session - {Ridley Creek, Pa}

What a season!  Now that I'm officially done shooting for the year I can catch up on my blogging. I've neglected my blogs during busy season and what better way to start blogging again than to start with this family and their 3 month old boy I shot back in October at Ridley Creek State Park?

We had a few weather bumps - sprinkles of rain when we arrived, clouds that left us chasing the sun around in the fields, ohhh and it was freezing!   Probably my coldest session of the year!!!  It was colder the day we had their session than it has been in the entire month of December, but they were all troopers and we had fun!  Oh, and did I mention their son has the best cheeks?  I literally could have squeezed them the entire session but I refrained.  =)    Here are a few of my favorite images from their session:  

Blog 5.png

Willis and Raquel's Wedding - {Chadds Ford, PA}

What a beautiful day it was to celebrate Willis and Raquel back in September.  Raquel and I had been working together since February with her ideas and one of the things she really wanted was to have her wedding photographs done at Longwood Gardens.  I was super excited because I haven't taken photographs there before but from all my visits there with my family I knew it was going to be a gorgeous spot and it didn't disappoint.   The day flowed so easily and it was such a joy to be around these two.   It was hard to pick just a few out of their entire wedding gallery but here are a few of my favorites.  Congrats Mr. and Mrs.!

Holiday Mini Sessions - {Chestnut Hill, PA}

I wasn't sure if I was going to host holiday minis this year because I did away with my studio, but after receiving lots of messages from individuals wanting them, I've decided I'm going to try something new this year.  This year my holiday minis will be held outside for one day only on November 14th!  

I'm really excited about these this year because it will be something new and a great way to kick off the holidays.   The mini sessions will be held in Chestnut Hill.  The exact location will be emailed to those that book.   

The minis are $125 with a non-refundable $20 session fee upon booking.  Your package includes a 15 minute slot, a password protected online gallery and 5 high-resolution digital negatives.  You may purchase additional digital negatives at $20 per additional image.  Your online gallery for my mini session will typically contain 10-15 images.    

Sign-ups will open on October 12th at 10:00 am.  I will only have 8 spots total available - 2:30, 2:45, 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, and 4:15.  (Note:  It is always best when sending an email for your requested slot that you also include a 2nd choice slot incase your first pick is already taken).   

If there is bad weather, I do not have a rain date.  Unfortunately, I do not have any alternative dates to use.  If it does rain, all payments will be returned but fingers crossed we don't run into this issue.  

These minis are for babies and kids only!  Must be between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.  If they are younger than 6 months please shoot me an email to discuss.  There will be no family shots during these sessions.  If you're interested in family photographs, please see my  information on my upcoming Fall Minis (October 23rd and 24th) on my previous blog post. 

Looking forward to seeing all the kiddies in their winter best!   

"D" Family Maternity Session - {Malvern, PA}

Happy due date to this Mommy to Be!  I realized I never had the chance to blog the maternity session that I did back this summer near their home in Malvern, PA.  What better time to blog it then on this Mommy to Be due date!!!???  Big sister was super excited with her mom's growing belly during the shoot.   Hang in there mom - that baby is coming any day to meet you!  Looking forward to their upcoming lifestyle newborn shoot.   =) 

blog 7.jpg

Fall minis are here!

I can't believe that it's that time of year again but I'm super excited as always for these!  This year the fall minis will be taking place at Valley Forge National Park* on October 23rd and October 24th!  

The minis are $125 with a non-refundable $25 session fee upon booking.  Your package includes a 15 minute slot, a password protected online gallery and 5 high-resolution digital negatives.  You may purchase additional digital negatives at $20 per additional image.  Your online gallery for my mini session will typically contain 10-20 images.    

For those that are new clients, I get asked a lot if 15 minutes is enough time to get those candid moments and posed "Grandmom" shots and the simple answer is YES!  I can do a lot in 15 minutes.  These fall minis are designed for families to get those quick updated family photographs and let's not forget those photos for holiday cards!  

Sign-ups will open on October 6th at 10:00 am.  I will only be having 6 spots per day - 3:40, 4:00, 4:20, 4:40, 5:00 and 5:15.  (Note:  It is always best when sending email for your requested slot that you also include a 2nd choice slot incase your first pick is already taken).   

If there is bad weather, I have rain dates set up for each session date.  Agreeing to your session date and time, you are also agreeing to the following rain dates.  

Friday, October 23rd (rain date of Friday, October 30th)                                                                            

Saturday, October 24th (rain date of Saturday, November 7th)

If you think a more personalized full session would fit your needs and wants better, please send me email at as soon as possible as my calendar in the fall is my busy season.  I currently have 1 Saturday evening left and 2 Fridays for October.  If you're unsure or simply just want to hear more about a full session vs mini session, I'm here to chat to help you make those decisions.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year and new faces as well!

*Location subject to change.  If changed location is usually within 30 minutes of 19127 area code.  

Beach Family Portraits {Avalon, New Jersey}

Wow.  What an evening I had a few weeks ago on the beach in Avalon, New Jersey.   It was supposed to thunderstorm that night, so of course, I stalked the weather channel for days, but thankfully they were wrong (shocker) and the night was gorgeous.   Absolutely stunning night with a stunning family (and the sweetest I might add).   

I could post hundreds of pictures from their session and I literally mean hundreds of photos, but I keep telling myself to save some surprises for the family when they get to see them.  So, are just a few moments from what is coming your way.    

Mommy and Me {Sunrise}

Isn't 5:30 a.m. a glorious time to hear the alarm go off?  Who am I kidding, it's rough!  Thankfully, I got up to spend time with this mom and her happiest little girl for their sunrise Mommy and Me shoot.  I've seen Kennedy a few times now for holiday mini's, but this was the first time I got to shoot her outside the studio and shoot her mom as well.  The shoot was so fun and relaxed I couldn't have asked for a better morning.    And thank you Kennedy for bringing it, as always, with those huge smiles of yours.  =)   


Matthew. {10 days old}

Matthew was the PERFECT little gentleman in my studio and I couldn't have asked for a better model especially for my "last" studio newborn session*.    Matthew, born on Easter, was a sheer ball of perfection.  I could have just sat on my studio floor holding him for hours but I had to tell myself I was there to work.  =)   So sweet, calm and just a little gift from heaven, Matthew is going to be one little boy that steals the hearts of little girls.   

*For those that don't know, I have put studio newborn photography on hold (family lifestyle newborns still available).   It has been very bittersweet and in truth really hard at times to turn clients away these past 3 months but amazing (and I mean A-mazing) new things are coming and coming soon.  Stay tuned......


Welcome to the world Juliet.

Juliet was a beautiful, sweet, cuddle-loving little one who was wide awake and ready to party for her session... And I mean PARR-TY.  We got a few 5 t0 10 minutes of sleep here and there, which in the end is all we needed for this in-home lifestyle newborn session, but boy did she make sure she wasn't missing any of the action.  Let's hope Juliet is doing a little more sleeping these days for her parents.  =)  

Beach Mini Sessions - Avalon, New Jersey

New Jersey, here I come!!!   I'm hosting my beach "mini's" in Avalon, New Jersey on Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th at 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  I'm super excited about these because not only are they on the beach (and who doesn't love that?), but these "mini" sessions are going to be extra special.   I'm only offering 4 spots, extended time, and I will have multiple package choices.   Getting excited now?  

Each spot will be 30 minutes and each client that books will have a phone consultation weeks before the session regarding wardrobe, all the details about the session, and what to expect from their final gallery.  There are 3 packages to choose from, so each client can find something that best fits their needs.  There is a $50.00 session fee upon booking and packages start at $200.   A fully detailed package list can be emailed to those who inquire at

Sign-ups will be Monday, April 20th at 11:00 am.    When emailing please let me know the date and time you would like.  It will be first come first serve!  Remember only 4 spots will be available.  =)  

Easter Mini Sessions

Happy Easter everyone!  I can't believe Spring is here and I just finished my last holiday mini in the studio until Christmas!   Even though I love my indoor holiday mini's, I just can't help but get overly joyed about shooting outside again especially my beach mini sessions that will be held this summer.  Bring on the warm weather!