In-Home Lifestyle Session - {Villanova, PA}

Stunning. Laid Back. Dancing. These are the 3 words I would choose to describe this session. The session was designed to really just capture their 2 daughters at this age and the 4 of them as a family. Within minutes of walking into their beautiful home, their oldest was ready to DANCE. Like get down, turn up the music, and boogie the morning away. So we did just that. Her favorite jams of the day? Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and “Roar”. =)

But on a more serious note - this family was just so welcoming and laid back and everything a photographer could ask for. They were dressed to perfection and ready to get down for anything. Some of my favorites from this session were actually the “down time” while we were waiting for others to join or the “getting ready” shots. Those are real life moments. Unplanned and unposed. <3 <3 <3

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