Meet Lizzy. Puppy Session - {West Chester, PA}

Yep, this happened.  I officially did my first puppy session and I'm not going to lie, I LOVED it.  If I had to guess, I think this beautiful young lady, Grace, loved it too.  

A little back story, Grace is the daughter of one of my besties.  For her 13th birthday she wanted to have her party at the Brandywine Valley SPCA, which any mom knows that if you’re hosting your kid’s party at an adoption center, it's safe to say you are coming home with an animal.  It didn't take long before Grace made eye contact with this sweet 11 week old puppy and the "Mom, can I have her?  I promise I will take care of her." started.  I was standing right there watching this ALL go down.  I gave this look to her mom like "You are screwed.  You’re getting a puppy - omg, I can't believe this."  HAHA.  So, for her 13th birthday, this puppy got a forever home. 

Meet Lizzy.  Named after Grace's late grandmother.  <3

Then comes my brilliant idea… After drinking a glass of wine (or two) with her mom, I said "let's do a puppy shoot!"  Once that was said out loud, Grace and her mom, said "YES!"  A week later, they came to my home for a mini session and for my little ones to meet this sweet little thing. 

Grace, you are blessed.  You have a new best friend for life and the coolest, BEST mom ever for this birthday gift.  Happy 13th Birthday Grace.  xo

"Can you tell me the story about how you rescued me again?" - Lizzy 


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