Is a lifestyle session for me?

Let me first start off with telling you to go grab yourself a drink and snack because I might ramble a tad in this post but I PROMISE I will do my best to stay on track and keep this to the point.  

Lifestyle sessions have become near and dear to my heart.   Before I get into what a lifestyle session is and whether it is for you, let me give you some background.   I know you're thinking, "oh god, here she goes into a ramble," but this is important to understand why I do what I do now.  If you have followed me from the very start of my career you probably remember me offering studio sessions and holiday minis all throughout the year, but about almost a year and half ago I gave it all up and yes, I still get emails and calls about studio sessions.  

I love studio sessions and I follow other photographers all around the world that shoot those and adore them and even as far as doing a few for my kids but they aren't what drives me.   I wasn't feeling "connected" to my studio and as a mother myself what spoke to me was taking photographs of my littles in their environment and being drawn to their everyday life.  You know those every day moments that you never want to forget?  Messy bed hair or them playing with their favorite toy or just sitting in their room reading books.   But mostly when I look back at old photos, I want to not only see my children growing up, but to see myself and my husband there with them in our everyday life.  Lifestyle has given me the spark of passion I thought I was losing during those later months of studio sessions.   (And let me make it clear, I still shoot outdoors and LOVE being outside in those warm months with my clients).   

So hello Lifestyle.

 I adore you.  

You make my heart happy.  

So what is lifestyle?  Well to me a lifestyle session can be anything you want it to be.  They almost always happen in the comfort of your own home.  So don't even have to leave your house.  Whether it's a newborn session or a family session, I always ask the mom during our pre-session consult "what is the most important thing to get out of your sessions?"  And sometimes the answer is the same client to client, and sometimes it is completely different.  It can be what YOU want it to be.  If your daughter insists on playing dress up every single day and you want to capture that - let's do it!  Or you're about to become a family of 4 and life is about to get that much more crazy - let's get the real you with bouncing toddler and new baby and then all of you loving together as that family of four in your home!  Or is it you just want to capture life at home in whatever age it may be so you never forget these moments?  ( 6-8 months is the perfect age for those)

If you made it this far....thank you and I promise I'm just about done.   =) 

Is this for me?    I know, I know what you're thinking,  "My home doesn't look like Pinterest."   OR "My kids aren't babies anymore."  OR "I don't know what we would do during our session."   I get it.   But do you also take iPhone photos of your kids in your house DAILY and sometimes even of the stuff they do over and over and OVER again?  It's because those moments, whether it be the milestone of crawling or just watching your little girls have a dance party, you take them over and over again because they are timeless.  They are YOUR family and YOUR memories to hold onto.   So lifestyle is for you if you answered yes to that question.  They are for you if you think "gosh, I wish someone could take our photo together as a family all snuggled up." you do.  

As I said before, I'm a mom.  I know that your little(s) are your life and that each day they get bigger and bigger.   Give yourself a moment to slow down and appreciate these days and capture them.    And let me say this...your children will appreciate these one day.  TRUST ME.   Not only will they love seeing themselves in their home but you in them as well.   Because years and years from now when you or your children sit down to look through them, it's the simple little moments that will bring tears of joy.       

To end, of course like any sessions, there is planning.  Whether its newborn or family lifestyle because each session is specifically designed for you and your family.  <3    Being a photographer means everything to me so thank you for taking the time to read all about my passion.    

And of course no post is complete without some pictures to enjoy so here are a few favorites from lifestyle sessions over the past year.