Baby "C" Lifestyle Newborn Session - {Philadelphia, PA}

Are you ready to see a beautiful baby boy?   Everyone meet baby Colin.    Such a "little" (almost a 9 lb baby boy) snuggle bug.    Some babies just want to party during their session and some just like to snooze through it all and as for this boy....he half and half.  We totally welcomed it though because his eyes were GORG and he had the best eye contact!  I swear!!!   Take a look below if you don't believe me.  But he eventually had enough of my camera in his face and decided to check out and take a nap.   =)   

And the bonus to their session....their dog!  I remember talking to Colin's mom when she was pregnant and she told me that their dog didn't do so hot during their engagement session back in the day BUT of course I had to try because aren't dogs family too?  It was a huge success and I have to say the picture of the dog sleeping on the bed is one of my favorites from their session.   Dogs and can't get much better.