Maternity Session - {Philadelphia, PA}

Nothing like shooting a maternity session for yourself.  But, if there was one thing I was going to do with this pregnancy that I didn't do while I was pregnant with my daughter, it was a maternity session to capture this special time.  With my daughter, I honestly wasn't into my belly so I have very few images that capture that pregnancy.  This time around, I realize how much I love everything about this special bond with my belly.   I was determine to have one image to look back on years to come.   

I ordered a custom maternity dress in the hopes to have a winter session, but when the dress arrived the weather was getting warmer and I was getting bigger so I gave up on that.  At 34 weeks, which is later than I would tell any of my clients to do the shoot, I dragged my husband out as my shooter and we got some images.  When I woke up at 35 weeks the following weekend, I looked outside and it was snowing!!!  There might have only been an inch of snow but I didn't care - it was snow!  I woke up the hubs and said we had to do a re-shoot so off we went.  

With lots of orders from me shouting "stand here", "move over", "do this" and then switching spots and me saying "click, click, click" and more instructions, I got not only one image from my shoots, but a handful of images that I will look back on at this basketball belly and just be so thankful for everything.  So to anyone debating a maternity session for themselves, I highly recommend it even if you don't feel your best.   I promise you that you will be so thankful years down the road and you will see how much you were glowing during this special time.  

If you have made it through my long ramble of my maternity session, here's a little information on my maternity leave which starts today!   I won't be answering or checking my emails all that frequently but I do plan to try my best to answer them when I can.   If you are thinking about a session this spring, summer or even fall, please leave me a detailed email at on dates you are interested and what type of session you want and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

If you want to see baby spam, follow me on my instagram @jennstevensonphotography and I promise I will be posting lots of images during my leave.  =) 

Looking forward to shooting this summer and to those warm summer nights!