Staci and Rich's Philly Engagement - {Philadelphia, PA}

It little sister got engaged!  <3  So instead of telling you all about our Fairmount park engagement session in Philadelphia and all about how amazing it was (well aside from the 500 bugs) like I would normally do, I've decided to make this a more personal post and write her a little something.  So...if you want to skip the sister to sister mush, then scroll to see her beautiful pictures or if you feel like getting a little inside my relationship with her....keep reading.  

To my dearest little sis, 

You and I have been though a lot with getting our relationship just right over the years and I like to blame a lot on our huge age gap growing up as kids, but now that we are adults and the little child fights are behind us, you have become a friend.  A best friend.   You have become the friend in my life that I can share my happy days with or the friend I constantly tag in memes on Instagram (like daily), but best yet you have become the woman I can talk to when I'm having a bad day or ask for advice for anything and I'm lucky to have you.  

I try to pin point the exact moment our relationship turned but as much as I try to remember all I come back to is...I don't care how it happened, I'm so thankful it did.  You have grown into an amazing woman and I'm just lucky to call you my sister.  

You are beautiful.  You are strong.  You are loved. 

Now that you are engaged and going to become a wife yourself, I only wish you the very best.  I wish your commitment to each other remains true and loving forever.  I wish you both endless amounts of happiness and joy in your new roles as soon to be Mr. and Mrs.  

Thank you for allowing me to take apart of capturing this special time in your lives.  Can't wait to stand beside you on your wedding day.  

I love you.  xo