Laura's Bridal Shower

What a weekend!  My very best friend flew in from Boston for her bridal shower that I and the rest of her bridesmaids have been planning for months.    I was ready to go, my sitter had arrived, the car was packed and then I looked outside....snow was falling hard and fast.  I quickly got into my car to head to the shower and the phone rang and I just knew.  The shower was cancelled (thank you mother nature).  

You can imagine the "oh-my-god" moment that was going on but all of us bridesmaids were determined to do something special.  There was no way any amount of snow or ice was going to stop us.  What a blessing Hotel Monaco was to us.  We gave the hotel our story of the cancelled venue and they were happy to do something.  They quickly gave us a private space and we started working our magic to make it the best "snowed-in" shower possible.  We even got the bride's mom into the city (shout out to John).  

Even though the day didn't go as planned in any way, I have to say it was still very special in every way to be there for my best friend of 20 years.